G-drive 4TB 7200rpm Thunderbolt .....volume level?

Hi I just bought this today, using it as hdd to record audio…plugged it in and was astounded at how loud it was…found though that after about 20 minutes it went very quiet. I need to know which is its normal state? Are there fan like sounds that happen when its working? Im recording classical guitar in the same small room with very sensitive mics…need it to be very quiet. Thanks for any insight!!

There are no fans in the G-DRIVE units. Only the multi-bay units like G-RAID and G-SPEED have fans in order to cool the drives.

Some drives are just louder than others and during a start up process is usually when its at its loudest unless under heavy load. Since you’ve gone through the start up and used it a bit you should be good to go with its more quiet usage.