Full Factory Restore - How Long Should it Take?

I own a 3TB My Cloud with around 1.5TB of data on it.

I’ve copied all 1.5TB from this drive to a new My Cloud, and now I’m doing the ‘Full Factory Restore’.   I started it around 4:30am and it’s still going.  Is it normal for the full restore to be taking this long to accomplish?  Should I have manually deleted the files first, then run the Full Restore?  I don’t want to cancel anything, mostly just curious if anyone else has done a Full Factory Restore with over 1TB of data on their drive.  I inserted a screencap of the elapsed time.  No clue when it’s supposed to finish, or how far along the restore is.  Thanks for looking.



EDIT - forgot to mention I’m on the latest firmware (v. 4.00), if that makes a difference.

It is slow. It took my 2TB nearly 30 hours.

I may be wrong, but a full factory restore overwrites each “byte” of the hard drive to completely erase all data (so that recovery is impossible), so on that basis, it would take an absolute age for a 3tb drive.

I remember getting fed up waiting for a 32gb drive to fully format !

Wow, I had no clue.  Would it have taken this long regardless of how much data was on there?  I mean I could have deleted everything manually, I just figured this would be a quick way to delete all the data.  Thanks for the information.

Here we are, nearly 24 hours later.  Maybe next firmware update could show percentage complete, atleast?  :manlol:

Yes, if I am correct, regardless of how much data is on the drive, it will take the same time for a “full restore” - so perhaps next time, unless you really do need to a full , maybe a quick restore would be better (as this only takes 5 mins or so)


a “quick” restore deletes all data and shares

a “full” restore does the same, but then writes and verifies to every byte on the drive, which is wht it takes so long. 

Can the Full Factory Restore be stopped without damaging the unit? Can I unplug it and simply do a quick reset instead?

This morning my Elapsed time was 19 hours. Sometime during the day the counter restarted and the elapsed time is now 6 hours.

I just wanted to reset the settings and had no idea this would take days.

I would not advise powering off during this. I think the UI gives an option to switch to quick which should work but someone else had issues with it