FTP server?

Is there a way to make this device a FTP server?

If so, can anyone provide directions?


Step 1: Enable FTP Access.


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Good point, thanks.

When configuring the access to the device in a FTP sw, what address should we put? It only works inside network with wd´s IP or can it be done over the internet

You can use with external ip, just be sure DynDNS is enabled, and working on your router. Also forward port 21 to your clouds STATIC IP.

Thanks BullZeye,

I´ll give a try.

I get permission denied!..

I used the admin user (mine). The one I choose when setting up my cloud… should I create a new one?

Anyone please?

Create a user WITH a password and try again

Done that and still no access.

does your local access work correctly ?

open a DOS box and try "ftp <your_local_ip>

are your router settings ok?

you must forward/NAT port 21/tcp to your local IP.

find out your wan-IP “google ‘what is my ip’” and try

ftp <your_wan_ip>


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