FTP server via internet

I get that you can turn on FTP access. However can someone pleas explain how I make it an FTP server accessible over the internet that I can give to my friends? What do you enter in each field of a client such as FileZilla, and how to you make it open to external access. Forgive me if I’m blind but I can’t find this explained anywhere.

FTP would be fair preferable to the very off putting Java security risks with unsigned certificates and access to your whole PC you seem to have to grant to log in.

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It involves opening ports on your router to forward the FTP requests to the correct device.  

Your router’s user manual should be able to explain how to do that.

Did you ever get this figured out?  I would also like to know how to do it.

Yes I did and it’s working like a charm :smiley:

You will need to open the MyCloud interface with the 192.168.0.?? IP address in your browser and log in.  Go to Settings > Network > FTP Access and set to on.  You should then be able (or give others access to) your MyCloud using an FTP client program.  You may need to edit you routers setting to allow FTP access also - I had to do this with my Virgin Media one.  This involves setting up a port forwarding rule to allow FTP TCP access (port 21 if you have to choose).

Then all you need is an FTP client app, I find FileZilla is a good free multi-platform (Windows and Mac OS X) one for example.  Enter as follows:

Host = your external IP address (go to whatismyip.com if you don’t know it)

Username = username as set in MyCloud interface

Password = corresponding password as set in the MyCloud interface

Hit connect - that is it!  You will need to be on a different external internet coneection network for this to work. I was really incredibly pleased when I got this working so simply.  The only drawback is what users have access to via FTP doesn’t seem to reflect permissions set up in MyCloud as with if you use WD browser or desktop apps.  As such you need to make sure you a prepared to share anything you put on it.  The big plus is it makes for easy sharing without all that awful and off-putting Java requirement and related security concerns.

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