FTP admin access

Hello everybody,

I did a search to see if this issue comes up but I didn’t see anything relevant to my issue so I’m starting a new thread.  My apologies if I have overlooked an existing thread.

I just purchased my Sharespace 2 tb drive and so far most all is well.  I wanted to setup the FTP access as I’ve always wanted a spot to retrieve my file remotely and easily.  I set up my preferred share volumes and set them all for FTP access, forwarded all ports to my router and setup a .dyndns service for my homes dynamic ip.  I am able to see the shares over the net with barely a hitch with any web browser or external FTP software.  My problem is more one of security.  

I have setup the admin password to be different from the default and logging in to the administration console from the internal network with my new password works fine and dandy.  However when I go to use the FTP server and I type in my dyndns address the login/password box shows up and I try to use my admin/newpassword and it doesn’t work.  It does work with admin/no password at all leaving my sharespace semi available to anyone who cares to try to search it out.

Upon seeing this was the case I set up a new user/pass and started using the access control lists, making sure the admin was set to not allow for any shares I don’t want to be exposed and this seems to work as now it accepts my user name and password just fine while leaving the “public” share open to the admin login.  

Doing this leaves my itunes library in the public folder open to any potential hackers who try to log on using the admin/blank login.  I can’t seem to change the location of where the sharespace sees the itunes media as it is a fixed spot in the admin console so changing that seems unlikely.   

Is this a bug with the admin authentication?  Is there a way to secure the public folder without access lists?  Setting the admin user to no access also seems to kill some of the functionality of other things like Mionet (not a huge issue to me) and the mappings of drives gets a little wierd when this is done.

Any thoughts?

So nobody has any thoughts or suggestions?

Can someone, maybe even a Western Digital Tech, at least give this a shot on their device to see if they experience the same thing with their admin login through FTP?

I would really appreciate it.

Thank you WDCommunity

Have you disabled anonymous logins for FTP and  on your ShareSpace and your Router?

Pretty basic but easy to miss…speaking from experience.