Ftp access for My Cloud EX2 Ultra OS5

I have just bought the My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS, for my home to share files between various PCs etc. which are all connecting to the router wirelessly.
I am not impressed by the web interface and keep getting error messages when I try to copy photographs to the NAS.
I would like to use FileZilla to upload files to the NAS.
I have enabled FTP in the Network settings and for the shares that I am intending to upload to.
When I try to upload, I keep getting the following error message:
Connection attempt failed with “ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server”.
Can anybody explain what I might be doing wrong?

You may want to move this to the sub-forum for your device.

For local network access to the My Cloud one generally does not need to use FTP. One can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. One can “map” My Cloud Shares for easier and quicker access.

FTP is not a secure method of access if one is using it for remote access.

When using FTP or SFTP for remote access one generally will have to enable port forwarding within their router.

One needs to ensure they are using the correct user name and password when using FTP. The user name and password varies depending on what firmware one is using.

See the My Cloud OS 5 User Manual for more information on configuring FTP. See FTP Access under Network Services.


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It looks like there is a bug where FTP access does not work even though it is enabled.

Turn FTP access off and back on it may fix your problem.

Seem to fix my problem where my Sony A1 will not FTP to the server sometimes.


You need to follow all steps of the configuration.

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