Fried WD2500BB 250GB


Some time ago I connected a power adapter to my  WD2500BB that had the opposite polarity at the terminals, as a result the drive stopped making any kind of sound, basically just like it happened here I was about to remove the D6 diode, but to my surprise there is no such diode in the board in fact there is no D5 or resistors R81 or R82 either (is this normal? A drive without the protection circuitry).

This is why my guesses are the board really got fried. So  I want to know what can I do now, I’ve noticed some burnt parts, here are some pictures of the board.


Missing parts:

Burnt parts:

Thanks in advance.

I can’t see your photos until they are approved, but assuming that your board has a serial flash memory chip at U12, then this chip will need to be transferred to your replacement PCB. That said, I would first confirm that your chip does not have a short between its power and ground pins (1 and 8).

The following PCB suppliers offer a firmware transfer service, either for free, or for US$10:

I would advise that you avoid those suppliers who don’t tell you that a board won’t work without modification. Often they will attempt to obscure the requirement for a firmware transfer by deceptively describing their products as being “for data recovery only”.