Plugged wrong power adapter into my 250 gb HD

Hi, so, my wife accidentally plugged the wrong power adapter into my WD2500BB hard drive.  Now, the light just flashes but the drive doesn’t spin and the computer doesn’t recognize the drive.

I’ve read some of the other threads regarding this problem, but all seem to have slightly different boards than me.  I know everyone recommends snipping out the D4 diode, but my D4 is in a completely different location than others that I’ve see on here.  The diode closest to the 12V input on my board (below) is the D6 diode. 

My question is, which one do I cut out?  I already have a new HD to transfer data to, I just need to make this work until I can transfer the data over.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


Maybe fzabkar will see your post he’s the expert on this problem.


I can’t yet see your photo (it is still awaiting approval by the moderator), but D6 and D5 ar the 12V and 5V TVS diodes, respectively. R82 and R81 are the associated 0 ohm resistors. If you don’t have a multimeter, then the most likely culprit is D6. You can snip it out with flush cutters. If R82 is open, then you will need to bridge it with a short wire link, or a blob of solder.

You can run the drive without the diode, but make sure your PSU is OK. Without the diode, the drive will no longer have any overvoltage protection on the +12V supply.

cutting out D6 worked like a charm.  thanks so much for the help! happy holidays.