WD2500KS-00MJB0 dead, Reverse power connection

Hi Everyone,

Model: WD2500KS-00MJB0
PCB: 2061-701335-C00 AM (XC 2W19 27MN 8 0005280 7285)

HDD has both (sata and legacy power supply) and i accidentally connected legacy power connector (4 wires) reversely i.e 12v went into 5v , 5v into 12v.

Also GND was also changed ( maybe not for GND as both middle are GND ) using external power adaptor (which i think uses 3 cables i.e 12v  - GND 5v )
pic of adaptor

Now when connected correctly chips U1 and U5 on PCB starts to heat very quickly( cannot be touched after 10-15 sec)
and no spinning can heard or felt by touching.
upon careful inspection R120 and 6pin   transistor ( marked in pic ) is burned.

So, i wanted to know
1- PCB swapping will work in this situation
2-To what extend DCM and PCB no should be matched.
3- would the TVS saved the Preamp from this over voltage or not.(U1 and U5 heating, R120 and 6pin transistor burned)
4-is swaping PCB with ROM U12 only   is permanat fix or can HDD fail anytime.

Need advice from experienced fellow members (like fzabkar.)

Pictures :

Hello marson, sorry to hear that you cannot access your files, hard drive repairs are not supported by WD and usually when a hard drive goes faulty there is not a lot a normal user can do, but there are several community members that can share some advice. You can also check the list of recommended data recovery companies on the WD page. 

Data recovery companies.


See if the post below helps.


Damaged PCB has the below symptoms:
Damaged PCB always has the obvious burnt marks. 
The HDD can’t spin. You can’t hear any noise or just hear a tick sound, which means the PCB is probably faulty.

How to find the WD HDD’s donor PCB:

Match the  board number  which is etched on the PCB. The number is printed on the PCB’s back side (the side without chips) For example:


You can move the BIOS from your original PCB by using hot-air gun, then solder it on the replacement board. Please refer: http://www.datarecoveryunion.com/hard-drive-rom-chip-swapreplacement/.  Or you can find the electronics repair shop to help you.

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