Formattinng a WD Element 1Tb external drive is slooooow

Hi there,
I guess this question is not new in this forum, still couldn’t find a similar matching answer.
So, I initially wiped clean my 1Tb external hard drive and now I am trying to reformatt it using NTSF (win 8.1) and the long format option but it is taking ages. Right now it has been running for little more than 1 day and it has only formatted 3% of the disk…soo is this he way to go? Is this a normal formatting time? Are there other formatting SW that does the job faster and as thouroghly as the Win 8.1 disk formatter SW?
Any help aprreciated

This is not normal. Either the process has stopped due to a power/sleep/communication issue, or the hard drive has bad sectors.

I know for sure that the process hasn’t stopped, since the disk manager shows the progress, like 2% / day (now it is at 5% after 2+ days, and the disk led light blinks all the time.The quick formatting though works very fast (but I guess it wouldn’t fix the damaged sectors, right?), but I’d like to get a deeper formatting. So if the bad sectors are located at the beginning of the scan, for example, it might speed up once it enter a section of the disk whose sectors are not damaged?