My 1tb WD Elements Missed up

hello there how are u all doing ?

hope everything is good

i’m having a problem with my WD HD , let’s get it from the beginning

it was good ,so fast , stored alot of my data up to 740GB 

but then it started to getting slow , and slow , then a couple of days ago , i find it so hard to getting data into/from it

so i paniced that all my stuf are going to vanish !!

then i used check disk error , did defragment , disk error stuck after 18 file processed 

then i used a program called HDD Regenerator , when i started it , it became so slow that and got DELAYS , but no bad sectors , also i coudlnt complete it cuz it took like 7 day , so i stopped it , and format it from Partition Wizard CD boot , and create it and then it couldnt start i dont know why , still processing when opening my computer , then i got back to HDD Regenerator 

so i just want u to help me please , is there anything i can do to fix those delays and store my files back again , coz they are badly important , i want to fix the delays and use a recovery program that i alwyas use to back up my files if they lost , so please somebody help me.

best regards.

i got this error from GParted Program

please see if someone can help me , and tell me whats this means

Typically a slow disk means bad sectors. This means replacement of the disk is in order.

Also, _ and I mean ZERO disrespect to you _, but, since you do not know what you’re doing with this disk you should work with a data recovery professional.

All of this “running this and that” stuff isn’t doing the disk any good. And if the format you did was a long format across a full capacity disk-sized partition then your data is permanenty gone. Not even a specialist will get it back.

If it was a quick format, or perhaps on a small partion then with some work, asuming other data structures have not been damaged your data might be there.

HDD Regenerator is good only for certain types of damage. And it is most definitely not the end-all be-all utility the website makes it out to be. I have used it to correct bad sectors caused by power problems. But if the sectors and parts of the surfaces are bad, nothing is going to correct that. Anything else is a c-r-a-p-s-h-o-o-t!

The image you posted tells me some clusters that got blown away and the $bitmap ain’t right. Typically the $bitmap isn’t matching the partition size. Basically.

If the data is important to you, you will either need to spend several weeks reading and learning and experimenting on a bogus disk with no important info & building your data recovery skills. OR seek a pro.

Keep us posted!