Formatting time

Hi there, I just purchased a 10TB WD Red drive, and I’m full-formatting it with one partition using Disk Management in Windows 10. However, after 9 hours, it has only completed 2% of the format. Is this normal? How long should I expect a full format of this drive to take? Thanks in advance for any help!

a full format will roughly take about 2 Hours a Terabyte according to this site

so, a 10TB will take about 20 Hours … or more

Personally speaking, i always choose Quick Format on a new Hard drive (which should be completely blank being ‘New’)

If it’s an older drive that i want to thoroughly wipe all the data, then i Full Format … and use my 2nd PC while other one is tied up all day doing it’s formatting.

Thanks very much for your reply. I cancelled the full format because after over a day, it had only completed 11%. I’ve done a quick format which took a few seconds, and am now running HDTune to check the disk. Thanks so much again.