WD passport accidentally format. Anybody here to help me out. i want to recover my data

WD passport accidentally format. Anybody here to help me out. i want to recover my data there has some videos and images…
i’m tired to trying many recovery software but no 1 did done …
please help and guide how to recover.

Thanks and Regards.


Before suggesting any solution, there is one thing you should always keep in your mind is that the drive should not be overwritten. There is no data recovery software available which can recover data from the overwritten hard drive. If it is not overwritten and still you are not able to recover data then i would suggest you to download Stellar data recovery software. This software really works fine to recover lost data from hard drive.

Hello Oliver Powell,

Thanks for your faster response.
My drive just formatted accidentally not overwritten.
I was tried stellar data recovery software, but i have not found my data.
Stellar only recover $Recycle.bin
File Size: 58 bytes
and some txt log files.
But in drive there has 500 GB above data e.g. Images and camera video files, before formatting. and i really need my data.
Please help me please please please.

I would be thanks full to you.

waiting for your positive response.


Dear Oliver,
Here is some snaps of after scanning complete.
Please guide me whats the solution …

Thanks and regards

I was able to fully recover data from a formatted hard drive years ago using GetDataBack For NTFS : GetDataBack — Data Recovery Software For Crashed Hard Drives

From memory i think it took about 12~18 Hours (Quick Scans don’t cut it, for best results always select Deep Scans)

Remember, to recover data … you need to recover it to an different hard drive. eg. if the formatted hdd is 1TB, then you need a second 1TB to recover the lost data to.

The last resort is a professional Data Recovery Service … which doesn’t come cheap


It seems that you wants Images and videos only. In this case i would suggest you to try demo version of Photo Recovery Premium & Select Hard Drive to Scan (Perform scan of Hard Drive instead of partition).

Hope this will help you out!

Good Luck!

Thanks Oliver.
Let me try, I will inform you soon.

Hi Joey,
I was already tried GET DATA BACK for NTFS, but unfortunately didn’t get any image file or video file.

Thanks and regards

Hello Oliver,
I hope you are well.
I was tried STELLAR PHOTO RECOVERY DEMO VERSION, but not found any file. can you suggest more ?
screenshots are attached.
Thank you


No Response??
There is no one to help me in this case?


From the above screenshot it seems that you have selected the logical drive K; but in order to recover your lost data you need to select the whole hard disk and not the single partition. Selecting whole hard disk for scanning make software able to scan the entire hard disk sector by sector and provide all the recoverable files.

Please see the attached screenshot for your reference3

Hope this will help you out!

Hello Oliver,
I have tried the way you suggested, but unfortunately no files found .
Here is some screenshot.

Thanks and regards


Could you please confirm whether the bitlocker is enable or not?

Hi Oliver,
Here is the status of Operating System Drives.
I need to change the status or not?

Thanks and Regards

Here is another option of Removable Drives.
please check and let me know.


Hi JibzButt0,

I am very sorry for your lost data but now what i can say is that your data recovery is not possible as you accidentally did low level formatting which eased your data. As far as i know there is no data recovery software available which can recover data from the low level formatted drive.

Now there is only one option left, you can send your drive to data repairing center. This may cost you high but you will get hope for your lost data recovery.

Good Luck!

Hi Oliver,
Thanks for your support and suggestions :slight_smile:

I hope it will be recovered soon.

Thanks & Regards

My wd hdd is password protected. Accidently, enter password wrong , and click on format the hdd. So hdd is formatted I need to recover data from the hdd.
Can anyone help me to recover data ???
How can i recover data from wd Hdd ??

Thanks in advance
Vimal Lad

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You can try stellar data recovery software once. For more information on how to recover data from formatted HDD you can check out this blog once:

All Western Digital portable hard drives including: My Passport, Easy Store, Elements etc… now use Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR). SMR uses a secondary translator to keep track of the bands that store data. Formatting the hard drive will tell the translator to present null data (00 00) throughout every sector of the drive. Data recovery software is not an option any longer. The only way to recover from this is to send it to a data recovery lab.