I screwed up -- Accidentally reformatted WD as a USB (FAT32) Drive!

Can I recover my old files from the drive or are they lost forever? If recoverable how? And how do I reformat? Sorry of thes are newbie questions, I’m desperate as some family videos were on that drive. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

i’ve successfully recovered data from a fully formatted hard drive :slight_smile:

it was years ago, but i used GetDataBack for NTFS, and you’ll need another hard drive to recover the data to,and from memory, i think it took about 8~10 Hours to recover the data.

1st advice is don’t write any data to the drive (otherwise, it will reduce your chances of recovering the data)

gOOgle … Data Recovery Software for more info and how to’s

(PS. next time, have a backup of your important data)