WD Backup in endless 'preparing backup" mode

New 2TB Passport. Understandably, initial backup took a long time. 246GB of mostly music and pix/vid. In attempting 2nd backup starting at 6:50pm today, I paused the backup after 1 hour of being in “preparing backup” mode. At 7:55pm I resumed backup only to be asked to start new backup and being notified last backup completed at 7:50pm today. I checked to see and the new files were not backed up. Really? I’m backing up roughly 200MB of new files. How long should a backup take?

Hello there,

It should take that long if you leave the computer by it self. If you are using the computer while running the backup, the software wont use all the resources of the computer to accelerate the backup.

Thank you. I probably watch too much TV.

My WD has run all night by itself and still preparing back up…I have no idea why


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hi, I’ve come across this same issue where the backup is always in “Preparing backup” mode. Currently on hour number 5. The PC is fairly new with 64 GB RAM and size of back up is maybe 9 GB.

There are no virus’, I’m not using the PC in parallel. Literally, just watching the “Preparing backup” swirl and swirl.

To be honest, since the purchase of the Drive, its always been this slow in backing up