First Backup

How long should the first initial backup take.

Just bought a My Passport external drive and I setup the automated backup … after I set it up it began a backup and it has been at 2% for about 3 hours now … I went into My Computer and checked what is on the drive and it looks like it only backed up the App Data folder of my usr directory and has not done any of the documents or photos. Does this time frame for performing the backup seem correct? I am just concerned because it says it is at 2% and it has been so long. It also says "Backing up 1.92 GB of 95.96 GB and that has not changed either Also I noticed that the light on the unit is steady and not blinking or anything


Normally, the software will take some time for the initial backup depending on the connection and the amount of files that you are backing up. For better results, make sure to leave your computer alone while is doing the backup.

Yeah but it shouldnt take all day and over night. Finally heard back from support… apparently the WD Backup sfotware will not work with Windows 10 so the only way around it is to use Windows Backup