First backup - slower than molasses?

First time using my new Passport Ultra to try to back up my desktop HP. I went through the steps as best I could last night. I got the WD Backup pop-up box, where it said “preparing for backup” or something when I went to bed, though with no time estimate and no obvious indication that anything was happening.
I finally went to bed, and when I checked this morning it says “Backing up 9.15 GB of 443.76 GB (2% complete).” So:

First of all, I am a bit of a technical novice, so please talk to me as if you’re talking to a kindergarten class.

Second, the 9.15 GB and 2% numbers haven’t changed in the past hour - does that mean it’s hung up somehow? Should I try to stop it somehow?

Third, if it is actually working, if it’s taken 10 hours to backup 2%, at that rate it’s going to take weeks!

Fourth, assuming it’s actually working the way it’s supposed to (which does not appear to be the case, but let’s just say I get my initial backup done correctly at some point), will subsequent backups take as long, i.e. do they “start from scratch,” or will they be able to tell what is new/has changed since the previous and only back up the “new” stuff - presumably taking much less time?

It seems to be backing up my entire hard drive, since when I look at the properties for my C drive, it says “554 GB free of 918 GB.” I have about 60GB of music (8,000 songs in iTunes) and a lot of photos and videos -these are the main things I want to protect, and what are presumably taking a lot of the time!

Thanks for any help/feedback/suggestions!!

Update and one more question:

It now says “Backup: 35.57 GB” and “8% complete,” so it looks like it’s working!

Question: Does it matter if I have other programs open while it’s backing up, in terms of speed (or stability)? I kind of need to use my computer today, so I’d like to have Outlook, Chrome, Excel and iTunes open if possible, but if they’re slowing down the backup, that could be a problem!


You can Pause the backup at any time. For this and general instruction click on Help in the lower left corner of the WD Backup start screen. Then under “How Do I…” find Pause near the bottom of the list.

And yes, Music and Video backup is slow.