WD Elements 2TB SSD Format

I am running Windows 10 on my laptop and want to know if this drive can be formatted in half (2 new drive letters) without any negative issues.

You cant format a drive and expect data to be on it… unless it was partitioned. But in that case, you wouldnt be accomplishing your goal either. Its a full format and reinstall.Of course you can use the same windows license with the same hardware.

I was asking in respects to a new WD Elements SSD drive I am buying (2TB). I want to partition it into 2 equal halves, 2 X 1TB drive letters added to what I already have. This has nothing to do with my present Windows OS.

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I can’t see any harm in partitioning into 2 equal halves (which will be 931GB per partition)

SSD Drives while technically different … they still retain the basic functions and usability features of normal HDD’s … eg. you can format them whatever file system you like, and partition them however you like.

Thank you so very much for this info. I wasn’t sure since it is an SSD drive which I’m not totally familiar with. Not enough data out to say they are the best drives ever.

In my opinion … they are the BEST as Boot / Operating system drives and offer a HUGE performance difference to HDD’s.

I have SSD’s as OS Drives in everything i have. PC’s / Laptops / Media Players / Games Consoles etc. They make a BIG difference.

For intensive video and photo processing they also offer an advantage over normal HDD’s with much faster Read/Writes.

But, If you’re using SSD’s as just additional storage for files and backups for archival purposes … then a HDD will do the same job and will be cheaper per Gigabyte.

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JoeySmyth gave the correct answer, which is format it the same way as an external hard drive.

Right-click on the Windows 10 or 11 start button, then click on Disk Management. Look through the list of devices to find your external SSD by name and size. You can try shrinking the existing partition to half size, then add a second partition, or you can just delete what’s there and create two new partitions on the drive.

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To perform the partitioning, you can use windows built in Disk Management tool.
Click on the start button, select disk management, locate the target drive, right click on it, and choose shrink volume to create unallocated space. Then, right click on the unallocated space and select new simple volume to format and assign drive letters to the new partitions. Hope this will help you. Thanks and Regards