Formatting failed

Help please!

Bought two 4TB My Passport which has the remark (+reformatting required for Mac OS). when tried to format , error message pops up “Erase process has failed. Click Done to continue”

Both Hard drives shows the same message.

Same here with 2TB Elements. All functions in Disc utility - such as run first aid for the disc or partition are similarly unresponsive. I think I have a broken Elements ext HD? have submitted a support request and awaiting a reply which could take 2 working days - not very happy.

The good news - support replied with the answer in my case. Elements HD now working. Here’s what I received from support:

1.Go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility

2.Locate your drive under External drives (it should show something like disk1s1)

3.There is a button on the top left of the Disk Utility window for view. Change it to Show All.

4.There will be two lines corresponding to the drive.

5.Restart the erase/format procedure. But this time, instead of selecting the volume (the second tab), please select the first tab (the drive). The issue should be fixed.

Thank you so much for the clear way that you explained how to reformat the WD disc. I was being driven bonkers trying but it was the simple ‘change to show all’ that did the trick.


Thank you followed the instructions given and it worked.