Formatting 2TB on an wd elements hdd

Hi there,
I was wondering how long does it take to format the 2TB hdd? Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

  • Depends on whether you select a Quick Format or Full Format

  • Depends on if you’re using USB2 or USB3

  • Depends on the Speed of your Computer

time ? can take a few minutes or a few hours depending on “all of the above”

P.S. Doing a “Zero Fill” Format will take even longer than a few hours

Hi there,

I would like to do a full format and I have usb2 and it’s speed is 5400rpm. Thanks for the reply

Maybe an Hour or so ?

Go ahead and try it when you’re not planning on using your PC for a couple of hours.

eg. click “Full Format” and go and watch a 2 Hour Movie :slightly_smiling:

Hi ptr1959w, sorry for bringing up old thread.

So in the end, did you do a full format on your 2TB elements? How long does it take via USB 2.0?


he’s probably still waiting for the formatting to finish :laughing:

my personal experience … full format of a 2TB HDD via USB 2.0 will take less than 2 Hours

can’t give an exact time, cus i did’nt put a stopwatch on it