Forgotten password


We have forgottent he password for the WD external Hard disk. Is there a way to remove password option and recover my data ?

Please advise


If you can’t rmember the password you are out of luck you can only erase the drive. There is no reset or work around.


Ouch! Do you have any general idea of the password’s structure? If you can start with something close and try variations on different characters, you might be able to reconstruct it.

If the password hint (IF you filled in the hint) doesn’t ring a bell, then erasing is the only option. There’s no master password AND it uses 256-bit hardware AES.

Hi, I am having the same issue, but when i run the wd software and choose “ERASE” it says hard drive erase failed, to many attemps. Is there any other way to reformat the drive or fix the to many attemps error?