WD Security "Erase" feature not showing up

I set up a password on my 4TB drive, but apparently my lousy wireless keyboard skipped a character or more. I know exactly what I put in for a password but it will not work. So deciding that I can erase the data and try again, I put in the wrong password way more than 5 times, but the “erase” option will still not show up. I reformatted the drive in Windows Explorer hoping it would also delete the password and it did not. So now the WD security program won’t allow me to Erase the drive and I can’t get rid of the existing password.

Getting nowhere with this, and no response from WD Tech Support either.

Sent this same message to WD support, No response. Is that typical with them. Quite frankly everyone’s support ■■■■■ these days. I can’t name one good company in the tech world anyway.

I figured out this problem on my own. I originally found this URL below and kept following the instructions only to have nothing ever show up with an “Erase” Icon.

Turns out, this page is for an older version of the WD Security. So instead of the “Erase Drive” icon showing up under the WD Security software, you can only erase the drive by using the WD Drive Utilities on the newest version

I would post a snapshot of what I mean but I can’t see where you can do it here.

Bottom line, go into WD Security and put in the wrong password 5 times, the a message pops up in very small print telling you to to WD Drive Utilities to erase the drive. So you need both softwares to make it happen. I spent 90 minutes on the phone with WD Tech Support the other night and they never came up with this solution.