Forgetful MyCloud Home/Plex Metadata

I am having an issue that occurs infrequently, but often enough that it is creating a headache for me. For whatever reason, Plex on MyCloud Home loses all my metadata at random intervals. It will work fine for a few months or a few days and then, out of nowhere, it simply forgets. All the descriptions, album art, directors, etc. vanish and I have to start over entering in any information that isn’t automatically matched. This wasn’t a big deal when I had a little content, but now with a large library, it is becoming problematic. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to prevent this or on how to save the metadata to a backup that will allow for restoral later?

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You’re better off posting to the Plex Forum for Plex support than WD.
The Plex Dev Team monitors and will ask for Plex logs.

I have asked this same question on Plex and was told it was a problem with WD My Cloud Home and Now I find that you say it’s a problem with Plex. So basically NO ONE is going to resolve this for it’s users?! Well guess I will cancel my expansion with WD then, because I was planning on multiple Cloud home servers and now I’m not even going to consider it if this problem doesn’t get fixed.

@alongcrier are you saying that you posted this exact same question / issue in Plex forums and a Plex Staff member informed you the issue with a Plex database is a problem of a WD or any other product? Did you provide your Plex logs to the Plex team?

yes go look it up on there there are a ton of people with the exact same issue… and then look it up on here… They basically all say the same thing Plex says go to WD for the problem and WD says go to Plex for the problem! Thanks for not helping just basically trying to call me a liar, it’s very helpful…