Plex Reset All Metadata files - WD My Cloud Home

Server Version#: 3.106.3
Player Version#:

i have some troubles with Plex services installed on my “WD MY HOME CLOUD 6TB”.

When I reboot or shut down the device /or cut in electricity - during night for example - in the next start, Plex delete all files all over the libraries and starts to re-synchronize all.

is there an option to avoid that? whenever i want to play something, after I turned on my device, I have to wait that process of synchronization ends.


Yeah man, it’s a terrible ■■■■, but we can’t do anything, the Plex version is from may 2018, we have to wait if WD wants to work in the real things and not adding photo album making tools

Hope so very soon

I had the same problem, but I did fix it. Unfortunately, I am not 100% sure I remember the fix. But I think it was to disable ‘Empty trash automatically after every scan’, which is found in Settings -> Library.

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is this problem solved? I have the same problem

Well, have you tried bulkmass aboves suggestion??..and there’s also a plex update…sometimes you need to just sort things out for yourself and not just rely on others to do it for you…