My Cloud Home Plex Backup

I really like the MyCloud Home. The one request/problem that I have with it is that you can’t access your Plex backups which is really problematic when you have a large library and something goes wrong (which does happen!). You can download the backups but there is nothing you can do with them. So you basically have no choice but to reload all of the metadata which is not ideal at all. I kindly request that WD finds a solution for this! Perhaps it could be part of the setup process with Plex that you go through on the mobile app? Thanks in advance.

I am trying to solve the same problems, but I don’t see how can you download the backups as you say. I notice they are stored in the server at /data/user/0/com.plexapp.mediaserver.smb/Plex Media Server/Plug-in Support/Databases but cannot see how to access that folder. If I could it will be easier to restore a backup by renaming the backup file

It seems that neither Plex nor Western Digital want customers to be able to actually use the database backup files, which is ridiculous and incredibly annoying. I’ve been trying to get a solution to restoring the Plex database backups since 2018 when my Plex install first lost all the metadata. This has just happened again, and it is literally taking days to update the metadata on my 3Tb MyCloud Home (which is only 50% full), whereas I could and should have been able to restore from my once-every-three-days backup which sits on MyCloud Home in my living room. I’ve seen plenty of others asking the same question here and on other sites and I have yet to see any solution! Neither company seems to care about supporting the MyCloud Home installations of Plex, unless someone else knows different? One very unhappy customer here…