Flixster/Youtube trailers along with Weather not working

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue all of a sudden where the Flixster trailer show “null” and the Youtube trailers don’t play with a content restricted error message. I also noticed that the accuweather app no longer searches for any cities in the US.

I was running 2.01.86 and did a factory reset, that didn’t fix it. I upgraded to 2.02.32 and that still didn’t fix it. So I downgraded again to 2.01.86 and did another factory reset with no luck.

Anyone else having this issue all of a sudden? I know the trailers worked not too long ago and I haven’t changed anything on my network to have this happen. Region is set correctly, language is set to English and I’ve reset location quite a few times to confirm it says United States.

The Flixster app itself doesn’t show any information either.I’m wondering if there were some API changes that the WDTV just can’t handle and now this integration with Flixster/Youtube is broken.

Any thoughts? I really don’t know what else to do. I even cleared the media library and started over with no luck.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m getting when attempting to access the Flixster info.

Dusted off the 2014 WD TV Media Player (Firmware 1.02.17)

“Out of Curiosity” to check for ya …

Confirmed … It’s Broken

Anyways … gotta hook back up my RPi2 “Kodi” (and put the WD TV back to collecting dust)

Same for me running 2.01.86 - Flixster stopped working maybe a few days ago

guessing wd did’nt want to pay a licensing fee ? (for basically, probably soon, Legacy Product)


Well, that does it then. Time to go with Plex or a Kodi. The WDTV was just
family friendly. Plex is too, but it just doesn’t do the HD audio formats.

Thanks guys!

Yes, same exact scenario happened to me, I am not sure exactly when it happened but I discovered it this morning (Monday, February 16th, 2016) I did everything, rebooted it, reset it back to factory defaults but to no avail. I am so disappointed as I really that app.

It’s very disappointing as I would use those previews and YouTube trailers
to judge weather I wanted to watch a movie. Doubt it’ll ever get fixed. Sad
as the WDTV still has more features than most other Kodi/xbmc/Plex

What more features are they ? … i’m curious

It just works…files play from an NAS without issue. That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

VUDU and the ability to download (Live Hub)

Kodi (OpenELEC) on my RPi2 “just works” as well … streams perfectly fine from my NAS (WD MyCloud)[quote=“Otter0911, post:10, topic:150845, full:true”]
VUDU and the ability to download (Live Hub)
I don’t use VUDU.
Kodi can download eg. Torrents, Youtube Videos (Live Hub can’t do that) , Plus depending on the Video Add-on if you go into ‘Configuration’ and setup the whether to Stream and/or Download

The lack of HD sound support is what has stopped me from using an android
set top box. I enjoy my DTS-HD and TrueHD

Fair enough, to each is own … i don’t have any media with HD sound
(just 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS is good enough for me)

My amp only supports Optical (Toslink) which doesn’t support HD sound anyways.

I’m thinking the Nvidia Shied may be my next purchase with Kodi. I have a
FireTV, but side loading is a pain. I need something that the whole family
can use pretty easily. I’m still looking…ugh.

The Nvidia Shield TV supports your audio needs (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD)

And overall (from what i’ve read) the Best Android Box out on the market

Pricey though …

Very pricey…that’s why I’ve been holding off. Really like that it does
the audio pass through with Kodi. Might hold off until a good sale.

I was talking about downloading VUDU movies or TV shows.