Flixster trailers not working

Hi, I just recently received a new wdtv gen3 media player and have been exploring the different features it offers.

Things seem to work well on it, however I have run into problems with the Flixster movie trailers.  I can access the flixster service and see the movie information for current or upcoming movies.  On the bottom left of the screen, there is a button marked “watch trailer”.  When I press this button, it seems like the trailer wants to start.  I get a blank screen with the movie scroll bar on the bottom of the screen.  But then after a couple of seconds or so, the screen goes back to the previous screen without playing the trailer.  This happens on any trailer I try to watch.

I don’t have this problem with other videos as I can watch videos from my attached storage and youtube.  It seems to only happen on Flixster trailers.

Any help would be appreciated or even if someone has a suggestion for watching upcoming movie trailers by a different method?


Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Have you tried to reset the unit to see if after resetting you can get the app working properly?

Same problem here in Fullerton, California.

Trailers aren’t playing in Flixster, AOL; and all of YouTube has shut down too!

What’s going on WDC?

I cannot use Flixster to play trailers either on my WDTV Live (2014 Model).

It does the same and acts like its going to play the trailer and then just exits out after a few seconds.

Please fix with firwmare update WD.

I think this a feature that should be working on your device.



same problem here too. Have tried resetting the unit but it still does not work.