No Trailers and Forigen language for plot synopsis with latest firmware update?

After the latest firmware update any new vid files I add to my WD dont have any trailer associated with it the option just isnt there…  So I went to a vid  thats been on there awhile and yes the watch trailer option is there, I rescan info and POOF no more trailer!  Also the **bleep** thing  changes the Vid info/plot to a foriegn language looks russian or something??.. I checked all my settings and they’re good!  anyone else have this problem? is WD in process of fixing it?..   or how do I roll back my firmware to a previous one to get these features back?

I have the EXACT same problem! Also, now most of the info on a film is missing. It only displays the first couple of lines. WD, What. The. F***?!

No idea what either of you are talking about. The Live and Live Plus do not have the features you say are broken.

I think that you 2 guys might have a WD Hub. This forum is for the Live and Live Plus. You might have better luck posting your question in the right forum. WD has a forum dedicated to the hub.

Hub Forum