Subtitle and languages with new firmware 1.05.04V

Help! today i have updated my wonderfull WDTVLIVE with auto updating way… all wass good, but surprise, since done subtitle show language and audio language display in my menu of my MKV files are breack.

it show the language and subtitle on the up left side of my screen and dont show in real time in what language or subtitles are… please WD Help me!! how can i come back to the last firmware where everythings works good!!

regards Nick

Thank u very much… 

PS but, if i touch the risolution video from 1080p (50) to 1080p (60) could happen that?

Have some problem with displaying english subtiles as well ( in .srt  format) .

It can play well on my PC but on WD Live it show s (-100ms) something like that on far left screen or when press subtitile - nothing to display.

I believe I’m having the same issue with my WD TV Live (non-plus).

I have, for example, a file ‘video.avi’ in a folder, along with a ‘’ and a ‘’. When I enter the option menu and cycle through subtitles, it gives me feedback (‘1/2: pt’, etc.) until I get to ‘Subtitles off’. From then on, the feedback goes way to the left of the screen, partly out of the screen. And it goes out of sync - I keep pressing ‘OK’ on the remote, but it doesn’t show any changes - but if I move to the left or right in the option menu and back to subtitles, it then shows the correct information.

I have just upgraded to 1.05.04_V, from 1.2.21, I think (it’s a brand new unit, I didn’t pay much attention to the original firmware - only upgraded to the latest one). Will try 1.04.31.


1.04.31 works better. It still loses sync when changing from one file to another. But at least now I have the correct feedback when I change the subtitles.