Firmware Version 3.11.10 - Finally, a FW I can keep! Here's my take

I’ve been through all the firmware revisions but every time I ended up rolling back because of issues leading to another. The last fw I stuck on to was 3.06, not the best but it has some features that benefited me. When 3.11 rolled out I thought nothing new, probably just more trouble than the previous one, but I went ahead with the update anyway, worst comes to worst I can always roll back. Surprisingly, 3.11 has addressed most of my problems from all previous fw versions. Here’s a checklist of problems that 3.11 has fixed for me.

1.) Thumbnails. No matter what I tried in the past, it didn’t work. Now all my files magically displays a movie poster thumb automatically.

2.) Sticky Netflix subtitles, yup you’ve heard it right. Sort of like a computer dragging with low memory. Texts sentence(s) with more than three rows has a hard time displaying and releasing away from my screen unlike the usual quick ‘laid on and lift’. It is now fixed!

3.) 32x FFWD, RWD instead of 16x

4.) Info on Netflix streaming while pressing the ‘option’ button on remote will display either 720p, which is highest I’ll ever get from Netflix, or 1080P instead of a string of technical numbers in kb. It will display in kb if the stream is lower than 720P or in SD (ex, 288 SD)

5.) Quicker ‘Power’ on/off response. Shut off much quicker than before while holding the power button down (about 3 seconds compared to about 10 seconds from previous fw). 

I haven’t encounter any problems with audio and video. Every audio format seemed to play fine whether in 2-Channel Stereo or 5.1 Dolby Surround. As for videos, everything worked like it should (mkv, vob, mt2, streaming, etc.) and I didn’t have any troubles with HDMI flashing or sound reverting back to 2-channel even though it was set to 5.1 – such cases reported by some users.


Thanks for sharing your experience with the device.

Firmware updates are released to improve device functionality and elevate the user experience.