Firmware update?

Greetings to the Forum.

I’m new owner of an 8tb ShareSpace and I’m unable to update the firmware right out of the box.  I’ve opened both email and phone support tickets and no one has yet been able to help me update the firmware. 

Here’s my preferred config:

ShareSpace > network patch panel  > Linksys BEFSR81 router

Static IP assigned to ShareSpace

Pop-up blocker disabled - temporarily

SAV disabled - temporarily

Windows Firewall disabled

When I check for firmware updates I receive “Connection Refused” error message

Here’s the alternate config:

ShareSpace > network patch panel  > Linksys BEFSR81 router

IP assigned by DHCP

Pop-up blocker disabled - temporarily

SAV disabled - temporarily

Windows Firewall disabled

Checking for firmware update indicates that an update is available and the download button is presented.

I click the Download button and I get a progress counter that counts up to 96% and then returns to 0%

The Upgrade button is never presented and the firmware is not updated.

Support tells me that there is no way to manually update the firmware even though there is a provision in the UI to do so.  My last call with Support tells me that the device must be connected directly to the router.  I will try this even though is make no sense.  I can’t imagine how the patch panel would interfere with a file download.

Presumably others can update the firmware for their devices.  Has anyone had similar problems? and if so, how were they resolved?  Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

Did you ever get this fixed? Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I too am in a similar bind.

Connected my WD sharespace to my office network (for testing purposes) as I got it delivered at my office.

WD got a dynamic IP through my DHCP server, with correct gateway and DNS server. The whole network is behind firewall, where I defined rules to allow all in/out communication to the specific ip address (WD sharespace)

I can access the drive using IP address or WD discovery tool.

But it fails everytime with 'Connection refused" message when I try to upgrade the firmware.

From my firewall log I can see the device/ip address trying to connect to wd support, but nothing after that.

Message seen in the log files:

HTTP method detected; examining stream for host header

Destination IP:, 80, X1

This ip address happens to be the ip address of Western Digital.

Manual update (UI does have an option) is not allowed, as you cannot download the firmware (standarad practice at other vendors).

I to am having the same problem being unable to get the firmware updated using the automated update.  I get the “connection refused” error message.  I first sent an e-mail on the website for support and then I tried calling support to find out where I can manually download the firmware update since the software for ShareSpace implies that you can manually update the firmware.  I was told by the support rep that there is no available manual download and had to check out something.  He came back to the phone 15 minutes later and told me that the website that hold the firmware for the automated download was currently down and that they didn’t have any idea if or when it might be available again.  The following day I received an e-mail from support asking me for more details on my question (which was in the original message) so I sent them all the information again.  I then get a reply stating that the download is not available for the manual update but that the ‘automated update’ server was back online.  I then replied stating that I was still unable to connect and never heard anything back.  I find it frustrating that when you pay $300/each for a product that ships with firmware three generation behind and don’t make it available to download so you can utilize it’s features.  I purchased six of these and am comtemplating returning them all and going with another company that actually supports their product.