HELP! My WD Share Space is down after last firmware update

After last firmware update web-interface is inaccessible.

LEDs: POWER-green, HDDs-orange,NET-green(normal), STATUS-blue

Сan I manually update firmware via TFTP (nasload utility)?

What IP is default for bootloader? Where i can download stable firmware?

You could Try to access the web Interface ‘‘NSM’’ , doing the following steps :

if you have try to access the NSM via a web Browser using the [\wdsharespace](file://%5C%5Cwdsharespace)  and it doesnt work then try to access the folder for the wdsharespace using the run utility of the windows os and type in there the same [\wdsharespace](file://%5C%5Cwdsharespace)

which will gives you the configuration HTML file which will prompt you to the NSM in the Website

the same with mac , Finder , go , Connect to server , SMB:\Wdsharespace and you can open the NSM As well :slight_smile:

However you can always Reset the wdsharespace to Factory Default Which Will Set IP Configurations , user name

and passwords to default , but will keep the data.

unfortunately  reset and power button  is not work.

i think… instalation firmware was not correct

I need to update firmware manualy .

How I can do it?

You CANNOT install the firmware update manually for this NAS Device ‘’ THAT I KNOW’’

only way is thru NSM ,…

Sorry…  NSM - what is that?

NSM = Network Storage Manager , is like to operating system of the NAS = Network attached storage ( WD Sharespace) , where you can control the wd sharespace’s features :slight_smile:


As a result…
It is excellent fast and reliable device! 

In a manual it was necessary to write “To play Russian roulette” instead of “firmware upgrade”

Firmware upgrade by means of a soldering iron -It is cool