Firmware update for EX2100 continues to fail

Hi Everyone, I’m having trouble uploading this summer’s firmware update to my EX2100.  I’m interested to see if anyone had similar problems… and if you’ve found a way to overcome the problem.

When I use the main dashboard to check for new firmware, it reponds that 1.106.127 is the latest version.

When I attempt to manually update the firmware (from the .bin file I save to my desktop) it starts to import the file, but immedately gives me an “upload firmware failed. Try again” error.

I’ve rebooted my NAS (from the dashboard) a couple of times, as well as shut it down a few times.  No matter what I do, the system does not allow me to update the firmware.

Any suggestions? 

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

We have passed this along to support.

I purchase the ex2100 on 11-17-15 I having the same issue I can not load up the firmware to 2.10.310 i try manual same issue I need help.