Firmware update failure on PR2100

I have a PR2100 with 2x 3TB drives in a mirrored configuration and approx 1TB available space, running Cloud OS 3 version 2.31.204.
When I try to di a manual update to version 2.40.155 (retrieved from WD firmware downloads -, I get an error message “Upload firmware failed. Try again.” with code: 1003.

I have redownloaded the BIN file from WD 3 times and tried the update 4 times, each time getting the same failure message. Additionally, I have restarted the PR2100 a couple of times and retried the update. The PC is connected to the same ethernet switch as the PR2100, so no connectivity issue.

Are there any specific log files I should look into on the PR2100 to see what the real cause of the problem is?

Hi Paul,

I’m exactly the same as you say. You need the latest firmware version (Version: Firmware Release 2.41.116) to update “My Cloud™ OS 5”.