Firmware disappeared?

Today i connected my new WD My Cloud Mirror. I connected it to my Apple Airport and everything looked goog. Solid blue lights. So i started my laptop, downloaded the install files from the WD site and started. But, the installationprogram stated (when he wants to connect to my WD device) that de firmware cannot be checked. And i cannot proceed.

Ok, no problem, acces the dashboard via IP adres. My Ip started with 77.174.XX.XXX (weird) and that is what i put into the browser. But it gives me a 403 forbidden message. 

There is no way i can connect to my WD device (after resetting, reconnecting etc), but it is visible in my Finder. My questions:

 - Is my firmware gone? (and can i install it in some way?)

 - Does anyone reconize this problem?

Its weekend and the support is not there, i really hope someone can help me.

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-10 om 22.36.55.png

My Ip started with 77.174.XX.XXX (weird)

That is weird, since IP V4 addresses are of the form, and ‘local network’ addresses are of the form, so my MyCloud Dashboard appears as

I’ve never used anything other than the http Dashboard to configure the MyCloud, partly because the WD MyCloud app for XP shows up as white text on a white background on my PC, which isn’t very useful…

If you look at your router control panel, you’ll probably be able to find out what IP address has been assigned to the MyCloud (although Apple being Apple, it may think that’s something “you don’t need to worry your little head about”.

The other possibility is that the IP address you’ve given is that of the external side of your router, which may not be visible yet…

The IP adresses are weird but consistend with the router adress etc. The router adress is So i think there should be no problem.

ps:  http://wdmycloudmirror.local also doesnt work. Same problem: 403 - forbidden.

For some reason, I read your IP address as having five fields, which is why I thought it was weird…

I’m pretty sure that the IP address you’re quoting is the external (internet) address, I.e. your ADSL-side address of your router, not your router Ethernet side. So, unless you’re trying to access your MyCloud remotely, you should be using the ‘local’ IP addresses, which will be

Looking up your IP address with RIPE gives this:

Does that sound familiar? If so, then it certainly is the external IP address.