Firmware 3.11.10, Netgear 3400, and airlink golden 150: AWLL5077

Hello All,

I have been using the WD TV Live Hub for a while now, but always used a wired connection. I decided to go wireless and saw this list of compatible adapters:

I chose the first one:

Adapter Model Version/Revision
Airlink Golden 150 AWLL5077/Golden 150 Rev 0200

I am not sure, however, that the one I ordered is Rev 0200. Where can I find this information?

I do notice that my router is not listed there, but routers in the same family are. Mine is a WNDR3400. Maybe this is the source of the issue, but I don’t see why. 

I am trying to establish a connection using WPS as per the instructions starting at page 70, but if I search automatically, nothing comes up and I don’t even see a WPS option in the menu, just automatic and manual.

My current firmware version is: 3.11.10.

I have seen people having issues with this and getting it to work, but the steps they provided (upgrade firmware to 1 dot something) are outdated for me now. 

Has anyone been able to get this to work or do you have a suggested adapter that you are using with netgear 3400?

I just set up my home computer that doesn’t have an internal wireless connection using the same router… Although the connection device is not the same, it proves that the router and the wireless adapter can communicate on a different medium. 

The information is likely to be on the adaptor box. It makes no difference if your PC and router can connect, its all down to the chip set in the adaptor and if its supported by the WD player. Adaptor manufacturers often change the chip set and keep the same model number and that’s why the revision / version is important.

Can you see your wifi network on the player and if you can have you tried to connect to it and input your password?

The information is not listed on the product itself, the documentation that came with it, or the package display. 

I did, however, end up calling AirLink, and they stated that this device (AWLL5077) is not compatible with the WD products or any other products where you cannot install the driver for it. It can only be used on “computers”. TVs or media servers are not compatible. They also couldn’t provide me with the REV. So either they are right or WD is right and there is some kind of work around.

Page 70 indicates going to network setup and then the wireless option… I don’t have that option with this item connected. In another forum post it was stated that if the wireless option is not stated, then the adapter I have is not compatible.

Does anyone have this configuration:

NETGEAR 3400 and WD LIVE TV HUB and have found an adapter that works? From the posts I see, it is very hit and miss and you can’t just rely on the compatible list.

I just got off the phone with WD… they couldn’t recommend a specific adapter that would be best for my environement, but to just try a second one and if the second one doesn’t work, it my be an issue with my box… I might buy that, but still would love any recommendations from the community that has gotten it to work with an adapter and the NETGEAR 3400. Or just an any adapter…

On another note, has anyone been able to get the AWLL5077 to work?

Inside your adaptor is a chipset which is made by a small number of manufacturers and not Airlink. The player has firmware which includes the necessary driver for that chipset. The adaptor that WD tested obviously had a chipset which was compatible with the firmware.
Air link support have no way of knowing that the driver is in the WD firmware so they gave you a standard response which in this case was incorrect.
Yes it is very difficult to find a supported adaptor and it is very hit and miss. Even if somebody were to recommend one, you would have to get exactly the same one. As its all to do with chip set you may find one that’s not on the list will work perfectly.

huh… funny thing… I left my hub on but turned off my tv… I come back after 3 hours and the menu to set up my wireless connection magically appears…

I had already power cycled the WD many times, even resetting to factory settings before and the menu still didn’t pop up. The only difference was time. Maybe I was just not waiting long enough…

I never went through th WPS wizard…

So here were my steps: (note, during all of this, I was not pluged in with ethernet cable)

I connected the adapter, pressed the easy setup button on the adapter and then dome on the netgear 3400, as orignally directed by the adapters instructions to establish a connection, but to no avail…

I then took the adapter and made a successful connection using my PC

I then took it off the PC and put it back in. At this time I did the factory reset and power cycled twice to see if I could get the wireless setup menu as discussed. I then left it on and walked away, took care of some personal stuff, called WD and Airlink… I then ate lunch and came back downstairs. During this time the WD was on but the tv was off. Decided to check on it… and there was the menu…