Is a list of supported wireless USB by firmware level available?

Using WD TV Live HD for a while.  No luck getting D-Link PowerLine networking to work reliably in my house, so tried using wireless.  Have NetGear WNR1000 v2 router.

Back in July of 2011 I checked supported hardware list (wish I’d printed out that list & kept a copy) & found that AirLink Wireless N 150 was a supported device, so purchased some to try (very inexpensive).  According to packaging, they’re Model AWLL5077.

Could not get them to work reliably.  Gave up, for a while, & was committed to running Cat5e in house to get reliable connection to the 3 WD TV Live’s I have installed so far.  I was encountering problems with the systems not getting their network working.  ALL the systems involved had been updated with whatever was the latest firmware available.

Yesterday & today I put in some time trying to get this working again, & now it’s working SOLIDLY.

Through various Googling & some hits on these forums, learned that just because firmware has been updated does NOT mean that it supports devices formerly supported.  Like the current listing does NOT show my AirLink Wireless N 150 adapter as supported!  Only the one now called the Golden 150Mbps Wireless Mini USB 2.0 Adapter, which strangely enough has the same p/n as the ones I have (AWLL5077).  It would be nice if the vendor would NOT change the description associated with a product, eh?

Anyhow, what I wound up doing was to Google & track down a document that listed off the URL’s for all the older firmware upgrade/downgrades for WD TV Live.  THAT, in itself, was somewhat of a chore, but eventually found the document.  Downloaded ALL the old firmware & release notes I could find & saved them.

Downgraded my 3 units from v1.06.15_V to 1.02.21, & they ALL work now.  Stable.  I can power them off, wait a while, then power them on, wait briefly 'til they get their network drivers loaded, & then they work fine.  TOTALLY unlike the behaviour I had when I was running the newer firmware.  Yes, I don’t have access to some of the newer firmware “bells & whistles”, like the unplug USB menu option, & some of the other stuff, but the units are stable & usable.

I plan on doing some experimenting, now that I have the darn things working, at perhaps moving up a single firmware level at a time, & testing at each upgrade.

I’d really love to know if there’s a listing somewhere, of which USB devices are supported at which firmware levels?

I know that this will sound weird, but, if you have your WD TV working as  you want to and your wireless adapter is working, then why update the firmware, unless there is a function that you really want?

Normally, WD post in the release note if they add a new wireless USB adapter.