Finding duplicate files

I would like to sweep for duplicate files on my newly purchased MyCloud. I use an iMac plus all other mac devices. The program I use to find duplicate (photos) is PhotoSweeper.

Thanks in advance

Not quite sure what your question is since you indicated you are using software (PhotoSweeper) to search for duplicate photos. Are you asking for a different program that will search for duplicates of all files? If so this link lists several methods for removing duplicate files on Mac’s.

If you are asking how to use PhotoSweeper to search the My Cloud for duplicate files then if the PhotoSweeper program allows one to specify a specfic hard drive or folder to search, one can simply “map” the My Cloud to their Mac and use PhotoSweeper to search that mapped location.

One can learn how to “map” a drive by reading the WD My Cloud User Manual or by seeing the following link that gives general steps for mapping a drive on a Mac.

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac

Hi Bennor,

thanks for the advice. The problem is that my iMac will not connect to the MyCloud although my second iMac does. This looks to be a problem with file uploading at the same time. The guys at WD have been very helpful and we are doing a full diagnostic tomorrow. Thanks again for your help and Bon Noel when it comes.

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I had a problem connecting a while back from a MAC. I fixed it Finder:

Connect to Server…
Click the down arrow - Clear Recent Servers…

then in the Server Address: box type:
smb://MyCloud (or whatever the name of your MyCloud is)
Click the +