iOS app that can access MyCloud device

I have an iPad that I have the MyCloud app installed on, that allows access for the Camera roll to upload images and files to the MyCloud device.

What I want is an app for iOS that can access the MyCloud device and do duplicate image searches so that I can clean up my folders a bit.

I have searched around but can’t seem to find the right search terms to find what I want. Does such an app exist?


Are you looking to access a remote My Cloud?

If you only need local access to the My Cloud then look for a “file manager” app on the iOS store. By using a file manager you should be able to access the My Cloud on the local network just as you would with a Mac (or Windows) computer.

It’s on my local network. All the apps I’ve found only access the local iPhone or iPad camera roll. I want one that can access the share and do duplicate image searches.

If the My Cloud is visible to the Mac then get a duplicate file utility.

Again, failure to comprehend. I am using my iPad exclusively. I do not use a PC or Mac. I need an app that will access the WD and do more than read/write the data. All file utilities only allow you to read/write data and move it around. All the Duplicate Image utilities only work on the LOCAL IOS camera roll, that I have found so far.

Change my mind and prove me wrong.