How to delete duplicate files

how to delete duplicate files

On what? The My Cloud? Your local computer?

Typically one can delete duplicate files on the My Cloud the same way they do on their computer. Use an application/software that searches the drive(s)/folders you designate and display any duplicate files/folders found.

in mycloud. I have duplicate file finder installed but when I run it in mycloud it always comes back “no duplicates”. I am sure there are duplicates there. I can see them. any help with that?


What My Cloud unit do you have? The single bay/single drive My Cloud units (the general subject of this subforum) do not officially support third party apps being installed like the multi-bay My Cloud units do.

What is the duplicate file finder program/apps’s name?

Please try DuplicateFilesDeleter, it will resolve your problem :))

I don’t use duplicate file finder but it should work. Otherwise you can also use
Duplicate Media Finder. This tool is working out for me with My Cloud.

Duplicates Cleaner available at Microsoft store works and it is free

I use Find Dupicate to remove duplicates. I think this is the easiest way to achieve this goal.

im using a single bay mycloud unit with WISE duplicate finder.

You can try some program like DuplicateFilesDeleter, if you want to find and delete the duplicated files.

Hello I have Dup deleter from windows but it is not recognizing my WD Cloud!

Have you tried mapping a My Cloud Share to the computer? Some software do not access the network and will only access drives or mapped shares on the local computer.