Duplicates duplicates duplicates

I know this has been mentioned before but i’m looking for help. The past few months the wd sync software on pc keeps duplicating files… testpdffile.pdf 4343 -4 43–434 as an example. The support forum seems to say just delete them but 1. that’s a crazy solution, 2. i can’t see the full log of synced files so i don’t know files have been duplicated until i run across them.

Anyone have any solutions to fix this problem?

if not, is there a solution free or paid i could use that would have the same features without the headache?

I only care about local file syncs from my pc/mac to pr2100.


Hey @Todd_Nolan - sorry you’ve been having dupe issues with WD Sync, and thanks for the feedback! I’ll let our technical support folks hit how to adjust WD Sync to avoid your duplication issues, but here are a couple alternatives so you can be sure that you’ve backed up and not lost any data in the meantime :

On Windows, I’ve always liked SyncBack from 2BrightSparks, and

On Mac, Sync Folders has also been a good solution for me.

I’m cautious with my files, so I personally only ever do non-destructive backups…sync probably works fine, but I always prefer to manually delete (from either source and destination).

Hope this helps and you’re able to get WD Sync sorted out soon too!

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Thanks for the suggestions. I guess i’ll give syncback and sync folders a try.