After having trouble with my old WDTV Media Player and Windows 8 I upgraded to  a WDTV Live Hub -Hooked up fine-self updated-all good so far.

I then transfrred about 250 gb of Photos,Albums & Movies.

Now I know they are there because I can find them there via my PC.

BUT I cant find them via the WDTV- All I get is a "MEDIA COMPILING " message.

Also the front WD light is flashing continuously-Its been doing this for about 8 hrs now.

What have I done wrong here and how do I find my files thru my music,my photos,my movies etc.


Hello mate,

It should take some time to build the media library… :confounded:

Disable the media library option on the WDTV Media player  to see if that is the issue.

Turn off the Library, delete the Library data, re-enable the Library, wait for it to finish compiling.


That did the trick