Media ALL gone!

Hi there.

I love my WDTV Live Hub, but quite often ALL the media goes missing. I have about 300GB of photos, videos and music on the internal drive, but I cannot access any of it. The Files section is completely empty. Going to the disk usage menu I get the display below.

Often it will come back again in a day or two (yes really that long) or I can wipe the media library and get it to compile it all again. Trouble is that also takes a couple of days and whilst it’s compiling the library the box is too sluggish to use. 

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?



PS Just noticed that the screen saver still works and is displaying all my photos from the folder I pointed it to so at least I know there safe, somewhere. Very odd and very frustrating…

Have you tried to access the files from the PC by mapping the WDTV? To map it you can use \wdtvlivehub from run (Windows XP) or search box the (windows vista/7).

This is known glitch, Hub doesn´t show information on media for internal HDD.