Files Not Backed Up: Access is Denied

I bolluxed My Book drive attempting to do backups on two drives at once.  I had just wanted to copy some files onto the portable Passbook drive, but I told it to backup instead of just doing a drag and drop to the passbook.  Neither drive appeared to be responding properly after that, so I wiped them both clean and did a successful copy onto the Passport.

I’m now trying to do the backup on the My Book.  It is going well, but there is a list of 55,000 files that are not backed up.  When I click on “view files” I get the list of files.  Scanning the list, all but a few Outlook files that are pending have the error reason “Access is denied”.  All of the files appear to be system files.  I thought that the backup didn’t include system files.  Can someone explain this to me?

If you are using smartware to do the backup, did you selected the option to do a file backup or a category backup?

I am doing a category backup.