My Book Essential not able to back up files: "Access Denied"

I have been Using my MY Book Essential 2G for months w/o a problem.  Recently I installed a new 256G SSD as my primary boot drive, keeping most of my files on two internal HDs.  I reinstalled the SmartWare on my new “C” drive and connected the external My Book w/o too much trouble, but had to reformat the entire My Book.

I completed my first back up of the “C” drive (new 256G SSD) and all went well.

I then tried to back-up the “E” drive (previous C Drive) but only 16 files were backed up.  All remaining files (the majority of what I need backed up) could not be backed up (yellow).  The “View Files” indicated that all these files were inaccessible (“Access Denied”)!

I am the administrator on my computer and run WD SmartWare as an administrator just in case.

I have full access to this drive and all the files in it.  But all the files on this drive remain yellow in the SmartWare.

Just to test further, I backed up the other internal HD (“F” drive) and it did fine.

I have searched the Knowledge Base, but found no help there.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is with SmartWare accessing my “E” drive??

Tks in advance for any assistance.

The files on yor E: drive belongs to a different Windows installation, therefore these files will be inaccesible to SmartWare since it will backup only the user files from the user that is logged in to the computer.  If you need to make a copy of these files you may need to do it manually.