File share not showing in myCloud app - PR2100

Ever since I have updated my PR2100 10TB (2x10TB mirror) NAS to OS 5 I’m having difficulties with accesing the shares through both WebApp and Mobile App. The old shares are simply not shown. If I create a new one, it’s shown at first but if I meddle with “Mobile & Web App Access” (turn off and than back on), it goes away. And it doesn’t change even after the indexing is done.

Anyone managed to fix it or I have to wait for the some kind of patch? I don’t want to create new shares and move files, as the NAS is about 50% full and it would take eternity over the network to do it.


  1. Please check the Share and the ensue the Cloud User has at least READ access to the Share.
  2. Please check and make sure “Mobile & Web App Access” is turned on
  3. If you toggle OFF and ON “Mobile & Web App Access”, pull down on the mobile app screen to refresh and refresh the browser page for web app.

Let me know if this resolves your issue.

Thanks for the reply. All of those things were already done, but what I missed / forgot - didn’t link one of the users with the cloud acces. It works now.