, Share as Read Only does not show up PR4100


I’m logging in to the web access with a user who has access to one share. That user does not belong to any group and the share is set as Read Only. When that share is RO, the does not gives me access to the share, it does not show up. Tried it with IE and Chrome. As soon as I set the share to Read and Wright, it shows up on the web page.

Tried it with different shares and the same happens to all of them. If I put an access to 3 shares as RO, they don’t show up, but as soon as I put one of them as RW, all three are showing up: One as RW and the two others as RO.

Anyone can guide me on what could be the issue? Thanks!

If you have a PR4100 see the dedicated subforum for the PR series. This subforum (My Cloud) generally deals with the single bay/single drive My Cloud device.

Thanks. It is now in the PR series forum.