Cannot accessWindows network shares since upgrading to OS5

I have a PR4100 and for some time I have had various shares such as Photos, Videos etc mapped as network drives on my Windows 10 explorer. In the usual fashion, ie \MYCLOUD\Public
Since changing to new OS these dont work. I can see the files and folders on my Mycloud app on phone and iPad, and I can also get to the control panel with the IP address.
But the name of server is no longer mapping. Indeed when I am logged in the URL looks like this

What has happened to break this? Also the desktop icon that got me into the system has gone.
Thanks for any pointers

On your NAS, under Settings/Network, check your SMB setting/version. If it is too low Windows 10 cannot connect.

Thanks. Before I saw your message I did play with this and I changed SMB setting as well as NT LAN manager - bumped them down. Then the shares worked again. Of course I should have only changed one setting at a time, and now I am not sure what happened. Anyway, i then turned up SMB to 3, and it continued working. Then turned up NT LAN to NTLMv2 only, and it is still working. Maybe it just need a nudge - I dont know. Pretty sure that when I went in it was set to SMB2, SMB3

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