File names still show KB in filename after firmware update?

The first firmware update was rediculus. Filenames were no longer “MyMovie” but were suddently “MyMovie.Avi 2372424KB”. With 120 videos in my list, seeing all those numbers give me a headache.

Are they still present in the latest firmware update?

Out of curiosity, can you clarify your statement? With the Gen2 that I have, I have the option of turning of the file size (as I was able to with the Gen1 as well) but the file extension ‘.avi’ still shows up. Are you saying that the Live is supposed to let you remove the file extension as well? Anyone with a Live could answer this. Thanks.

I wasn’t aware that there was a Gen2. Mines about a year old so I’m not entirely sure if its one or two at this point.

What I am saying is I’ve got the first firmware update on the media player (Haven’t gone past the first update) and my file names display something like this:

MyVideo1Tokyo.avi 2375239KB

MyVideo2France.avi 43232325239KB

MyVideo3India.avi 236339KB

MyVideo4space.avi 33629KB

MyVideo5housing.avi 237523239KB

MyVideo6yard.avi 4375232239KB

MyVideo7backyard.avi 2373539KB

MyVideo8apartment.avi 537522359KB

–Numbers & names are exaggerated, but you get the idea.

As far as I know there is nothing in the options about removing the displayed filesize. I’ve checked it out and haven’t seen anything.

Well, there’s a Gen1 which I’m sure you have if its about a year old, then the Gen2, the Live, and the Mini now. Lots of options? Anyways, there are subtle difference (annoyances?) between each device as far UI and stuff but I was using the Gen1 and could turn off file size somewhere in the settings menus. I never could turn off file extensions though. The same is for the Gen2 and I imagine that the same goes for the Live and the Mini. Can anyone tell me if their able to turn off the display of file extensions on any other device? Thanks.

For the Gen2, to turn off file sizes go to Settings -> System -> Display File Sizes -> Off

I know that with the Gen1 I was running the latest firmware and was able to turn them off as well so if the option is not there for you, something is wrong. This wasn’t something that was included in the original firmware and I don’t think they’ve been updating the manual for each firmware release (?) so it’s not in the manual.

Yea sadly I went in and checked under those perameters. I’m assuming I have a Gen1 model, I havent checked the model number yet but I think its safe to say that I do.