Firmware update - too little space to display file names

Why oh why did you change the UI to use less space to display file names?  In the view mode that shows two columns of file names (no previews or icons) in video, there is now WASTED SPACE where the file titles used to go.  This leads to more scrolling of file names and an inability to quickly identify what files are what.  I now have to navigate to them and wait for the painfully slow scroll to show the rest of the file name.

I could understand this change if there was ANY purpose to it but there is NOT.  You simply made it shorter for no reason, and put nothing in the now wasted space to the right where the rest of the file name used to display.


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Hello  life359

Thanks for the information, I have passed this along information  to the correct department.

I totally agree with this!

I agree. That is annoying, Please fix ASAP.


Glad to see I am not the only one who finds this annoying.

Looking forward to the fix.

Also, if I may make a suggestion:  Could we be allowed to specify font size in setup.


I’m guessing there’s not going to be a WD “Fix.”

The extra space is being consumed by the Flixter/Rotten Tomatoes Ratings icons.

I think the only chance to “fix” it will be with a custom theme that removes those elements.

replacing it with the old      rv_list_browse_page.xml   via a theme edit will solve the problem

(of course you will lose the Flixter/RT icons)

Do you have this handy? Thx.

Here you go … all fixed :smiley: